Dental Changes Could Be Your Signal That Something Is Wrong

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Cedar Park TX Periodontal DiseaseUsually, when things are going well in all areas of your life, you can assume that everything is ok. For example, when you are walking comfortably, then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and there's a sharp pain in the bottom of your foot, it could be a Planter's wart, sprain, or just a nasty Charlie Horse. The pain is usually a signal that something is wrong. Your body is beautifully designed to let you know when something is typically wrong. Let pain be your guide.

When it comes to your mouth and teeth, they also give you signals that something might be wrong with your mouth. Pain in your mouth or teeth could be a signal that you have gum disease. There are some common signs to watch for in your mouth that could be signaling something is wrong.

If you have swollen gums, or there is a change in the shape of your gums, this could be signaling that you have gum disease. There may also be some pain associated with these changes as well.

When brushing, if you begin noticing that you're spitting out blood, this could be an early sign that you have gum disease. A change in the odor of your mouth is a signal as well. If your breath is typically fresh after brushing, that's a good thing. However, a common symptom of something being wrong in your mouth is bad breath.

If you're experiencing dental changes and need to get them checked out, call our offices at Rock Point Family Dentistry in Cedar Park, Texas. We will be happy to discuss your dental needs and get you on the right track to dental health.

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