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Special Considerations For Expectant Moms 

Cedar Park TX Family DentistRock Point Family Dentistry would like to wish all moms a happy Mother’s Day. We know that you make daily sacrifices for your family, and for their dental health. We thank you for all that you do. If you’re a mom who is expecting, we’d like to remind you of some special dental considerations you will want to remember during your pregnancy. 

During your pregnancy your body and mouth undergo a large amount of changes. Your physical changes are in large part to a change in your hormones. These changes in your hormones can lead to your gums being more sensitive to plaque and more prone to bleeding gums. You may need to schedule more professional cleanings during your pregnancy to avoid dental problems.

Some pregnant women begin to notice growths of tissues called “pregnancy tumors” that might appear on their gums. These tumors usually occur during the second trimester, and are usually between your teeth. They usually disappear after you deliver your baby, but your dentist may need to remove them.

During your pregnancy you may be required to take medications that are not a normal part of your routine when you are not pregnant. It’s important that you let your dentist know of any changes in medicines that you are taking.

If you’re expecting, or expecting to be expecting, book your appointment with us today. We care about you and your baby to be and want to get you on a healthy dental path.

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