To Drink Or Not To Drink Out Of A Straw

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Cedar Park TX DentistThe question of the day is whether you should drink or not drink out of a straw. At times, your preference will determine if you’re going to drink your yummy beverages out of a straw, or via the timeless method of throwing your neck back and letting the liquids flow into your mouth! However, there are times when you need to determine if drinking out of a straw is right for your particular circumstance. In other words, drinking out of a straw is not always a preferential decision, but rather a circumstantial decision.

  • If you’re concerned about gas, then straw drinking should not be for you. When you sip a drink (particularly carbonated drinks) through a straw, this can cause an unpleasant and unexpected exiting of the gas from the inside of your body to the outside of your body. Let this be your warning!
  • If you just had an oral surgery, then straw drinking should not be for you. Approximately one week after an oral surgery, you should not suck out of a straw. This can cause your blood clot in your socket to dislodge give you dry socket.
  • If you just had a teeth whitening procedure done at Rock Point Family Dentistry, you should choose to suck through a straw. Drinking out of a straw can help prevent certain staining beverages from discoloring your teeth. When you bypass your teeth with a straw while sipping you are not allowing beverages such as tea, coffee and wine to stain them.

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