Fears This Fall

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Cedar Park TX Dentist That Uses SedationIt seems like everywhere you turn this fall, somebody is looking to scare you. A “Boo” here, a vampire over there, and a haunted house is on every corner. If you have any level of anxiety during this time of year, we certainly don’t blame you. At Rock Point Family Dentistry we don’t like scary things either.

Our doctors have created a peaceful and safe environment for your entire family to enter into for your dental treatments. We offer a children’s play area, TVs in patient rooms, video games, music and scented towels. In addition, our entire staff is dedicated to your peaceful experience.

If your level of dental fear or anxiety reaches beyond the basic amenities and environment that we provide, we also offer sedation dentistry to help you feel at ease during your time with us. There are several sedation methods available to you based on your preference, health and level of anxiety. With your input and needs in mind, we will decide which sedation dentistry method is right for you.

Oral Conscious Sedation allows you to remain awake during your dental procedure while remaining calm and relaxed. The medication that you will be prescribed enables you to rest your dental fears.

Nitrous Oxide is another option for our patients, usually younger patients. This method allows you to enjoy a relaxed state of mind while you or your child’s dental procedures are being performed.

IV Sedation Dentistry is reserved for patients with extreme levels of dental anxiety. It is administered intravenously and monitored by our professional staff at Rock Point Family Dentistry.

At Rock Point Family Dentistry, we do not want your dental fears to hold you back from the dental treatment that you want or need. Call our office today to see how sedation dentistry can help you.

Posted on behalf of Rock Point Family Dentistry

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