What’s Your Dental Motivation?

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What motivates you to take care of your dental health? At Rock Point Family Dentistry we love to listen to you and hear your motivation for visiting our office and the daily care of your teeth.

We often hear motivations similar to this:

  • “I really want my teeth to look good.”
  • “My parent’s teeth were bad, and I don’t want my teeth to end up the same way.”
  • “I have bad genetics when it comes to teeth, I need help!”
  • “I’m in so much pain and discomfort in my mouth and teeth, I need to see a dentist, quick!”
  • “I want to maintain my dental health.”

All of these are reasons you might visit our office, and all are necessary and good. However, there may be one motivation for your visit that you may be overlooking. If you have children, it’s important to set high dental priorities for them to follow.

At Rock Point Family Dentistry, we want every member of your family to enjoy optimal dental health. When you, as parents, are making regular checkups and cleanings a priority for yourself and your family, your children will learn that their dental health is important to your family.

At Rock Point Family Dentistry, we make every effort to make our children’s dentistry appointments a positive experience, so you and your child look forward to the necessary appointments. We want to help your child continue to be motivated to a lifelong journey toward dental health. Book children’s dentistry appointment with us today.

Posted on Behalf of Rock Point Family Dentistry

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