Cleanings & Checkups

Are you aware of the importance of regular dental checkups and cleanings? For your best oral health, these two services in general dentistry offer your best defense against dental problems. Regular checkups allow the dentist an opportunity to keep an eye on any developing problems and address them early. Cavities begin as tiny holes on the surface of the teeth. Neglecting one can lead to a bigger, more expensive problem in the future. Early discovery saves you time and money and keeps your teeth healthy.

Regular cleanings help prevent gum disease from gaining a foothold. A clear, sticky substance called plaque builds up on your teeth, and if not cleaned away properly, it can harden into tartar. This is the beginning of gum disease. Regular professional cleanings keep the buildup from occurring and protect you against the ravages of gum disease. When gingivitis is not treated, it turns into periodontal disease. As people age, the number one reason for losing teeth is due to this gum disease, not tooth decay.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

When that first tooth appears in your little one’s smile, it is time to make an appointment to see the dentist. From that point forward, regular dental visits will ensure that optimum oral health is maintained. Problems may still develop with your teeth over time, but a comprehensive dental exam will prevent any issues from getting too far out of hand.

Your comprehensive exam at Rock Point Family Dentistry includes a thorough examination of your teeth and soft tissues. We look for any abnormalities or issues that may present a problem later. For example, potential misalignment issues, problems caused by missing teeth or development of wisdom teeth can all present problems in the future. Knowing when to intervene and what to do is part of the comprehensive exam that keeps you in optimum oral health.

Make an appointment for your oral health. Contact Rock Point Family Dentistry today for a comprehensive dental exam and professional cleaning. Ask about our family block scheduling for family appointments.