Dental Bridges

Large gaps caused by missing teeth can make your smile look less than appealing. If you have trouble feeling comfortable when you smile because of missing teeth, you can find a solution with cosmetic dentistry at Rock Point Family Dentistry.

A dental bridge is a device that restores the missing tooth or teeth by placing an artificial tooth, or pontic in the place of each missing tooth. This permanent structure requires that both teeth on either side of the gap be crowned in order to support the “bridge.” Bridgework restores your smile to its natural beauty in a way that is secure and stabilizing.

A partial denture can achieve the same effect. However, since it is removable there is always the chance that it could become dislodged while eating or speaking, and that could be embarrassing. A dental bridge is cemented into place. You will never worry about it moving.

Facial muscles depend on your teeth to give them support and structure. Even one missing tooth can cause a subtle sunken or sagging appearance which can make you look older than your years. A dental bridge restores your youthful appearance by supplying the cheeks and lips with the support they need to look healthy and vibrant.

In addition to restoring a younger countenance, bridgework also restores missing chewing surface. When back teeth are absent, so is the chewing surface you need in order to properly chew your food. This can impact the nutrition you receive from the foods you eat. Food needs to be chewed to a certain point in order for the body to use it efficiently and extract all the nutrients. When you are unable to do this, or when you have to compromise your diet to eat less healthy foods because you cannot chew nutrient-rich foods like raw vegetables, your body suffers.

Placing a dental bridge in order to restore missing teeth is a wise decision for your appearance and your oral health. If you have a tooth or teeth missing, contact Rock Point FamilY Dentistry today to make an appointment. Get more information on how you can close the gap, restore your smile and your oral health.