Are you aware of how your facial features are impacted when teeth are missing? Even one tooth can make you look a little older. Missing more than one tooth can cause your cheeks to have a gaunt or sunken look. Missing all your teeth drastically alters your appearance, since there is little support for your facial muscles. In addition to affecting your appearance, missing teeth also affect your ability to eat well. Nourishing foods are often left off the plates of those who cannot chew them properly.

Dentures are a restorative dental treatment that restore your ability to eat all the foods you have been missing. They also restore the support needed to maintain structure for your facial features. Immediately you look younger and rejuvenated. If you are in need of replacing missing teeth, come to Rock Point Family Dentistry and we will help you determine the best solution. Our removable dentures look like natural teeth and provide you with the benefits of having teeth in those missing places.

Full dentures are needed when all the teeth are missing in your upper or lower arch. A complete set is required when both the bottom and lower arch have no teeth. It is important to have these missing teeth restored since your general health could be adversely affected. Studies have shown that people who are missing all of their teeth have a tendency to suffer from chronic kidney dysfunction more than those who have teeth.

Partial Dentures

If you still have teeth, but some are also missing, you will benefit from partial dentures. As the name implies, these dentures fill in where the teeth are missing. They are often used when implants or bridgework is not advisable. Partials give stability to the teeth adjacent to the open area. They help teeth keep from shifting out of alignment. Partials also provide support for your facial muscles, eliminating the sagging of your cheeks.

Restore your missing teeth and your self-confidence with a beautiful smile. Contact Rock Point Family Dentistry to find out more about dentures and the benefits they provide for your oral health.