When you have minor alignment issues that require orthodontic treatment, traditional braces may seem like a hassle. The inconvenience of wires and dietary restrictions may be too much of a bother for you. With Invisalign aligners, you can have your teeth straightened without wires, brackets or dietary concerns. Straightening your teeth will hardly be noticeable with Invisalign.

This system uses smooth, clear plastic aligners that are custom made to fit over your teeth. The aligners gently move your teeth into the desired position as determined by your dentist. About every two weeks you will receive a new set of aligners to wear. With no wires or brackets to irritate your soft tissues, Invisalign makes straightening your teeth simple and comfortable.

Another advantage of this system is that you do not need to be concerned with dietary restrictions. Merely remove your aligners during mealtimes and pop them back in when you are finished. You can maintain your usual oral hygiene care, too. Remove the aligners for brushing and flossing your teeth. Be sure to clean your aligners and put them back in when your routine is completed. You do not need any special gadgets to keep your teeth or your aligners clean.

Find out what you will look like with straight teeth. The computer imaging program used with Invisalign can show you the completed process.

Invisalign Teen

Teenagers love the convenience of Invisalign Teen. They can keep up their social life without worry regarding menu items. Sticky, hard and gooey foods do not need to be avoided. Going to the movies and eating popcorn with friends is still an option with Invisalign Teen. The aligners are practically invisible so there is no embarrassment with wires and brackets. The subtlety of straightening teeth with Invisalign Teen is appealing to kids who have a tendency to be self-conscious. It is a discreet method of getting a beautifully straight smile.

Make an appointment for a consultation to find out if Invisalign is the right orthodontic choice for you or your teenager. Contact Rock Point Family Dentistry today. Straighten your teeth the convenient and invisible way with Invisalign.