Orthodontics are one of the comprehensive dental treatments offered at our dentist office in Cedar Park for our patients’ convenience. Many people considering orthodontic work are mainly concerned with a smile full of straight teeth. While this is important to one’s appearance, there are also oral health reasons to consider.

Misalignment of teeth can impact your oral health by creating areas susceptible to gum disease. In some instances, misalignment can cause speech impediments, like lisping. Injury to soft tissues is common for those whose malocclusion leads to frequent biting of the tongue and cheeks. These issues are addressed with orthodontic work. Rock Point Family Dentistry offers a choice in orthodontic therapies:

Causes and Cures for Misalignment

Like so many conditions in life, misalignment runs along a continuum. Some cases are very minor, while others pose severe problems. Alignment problems can be the result of teeth, which are too large or too small for the jaw bone. Sometimes a person may have a second set of teeth erupting before the first set comes out. This causes permanent teeth to grow in crooked. Staying on the bottle too long and thumb sucking are often involved in misalignment of anterior teeth. Sometimes, teeth just grow in crooked.

The practice of orthodontics addresses the continuum of care. Minor misalignments may be remedied with a shorter term intervention while major problems need to be addressed with comprehensive orthodontics. Many older adults who have lived decades with misalignment are deciding to have their teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons.

Whether you are interested in straight teeth for an enhanced smile, or you are fed up with biting your tongue and cheeks because of misalignment, we can help. Contact Rock Point Family Dentistry today and book an appointment for an exam and consultation to find out which of our orthodontic therapies are best for addressing your circumstances.