Six Month Smiles

Short-term orthodontic treatment is provided by Six Month Smiles. This method of straightening teeth takes traditional braces in a new direction. Tooth-colored brackets and wires are used to move the teeth similar to traditional braces. This modified version of standard orthodontics moves teeth quickly, in about six months.

Advanced dental technologies and materials have made it possible to effectively move teeth quickly and subtly using the standard tried-and-true method of braces. While this method is not appropriate for all situations of misaligned teeth, for many adults it has proven to be beneficial for fast straightening of moderate alignment issues.

When the teeth within the visible area of your smile need to be straightened, Six Months Smiles may be the most advantageous system of achieving the desired results. The clear braces focus on repositioning the teeth that can be seen when you smile. Your teeth are gently moved with low force. This does not mean that the braces are any tighter than traditional braces.

Straight Teeth in Six Months

Low force movement allows the teeth to be moved faster than traditional braces. The shorter timespan also means fewer oral hygiene problems and increased comfort. Your visits to our office are also less time consuming than with traditional braces because Six Month Smiles Patient Tray Kits make adjustments simple.

This safe, efficient method of straightening teeth entails fewer risks of damage to your teeth roots or gums. This is because there are seldom extractions involved and the forces are lighter. Retainers are needed with any orthodontic work in order to keep the teeth from migrating back to their original position. It is no different with Six Month Smiles. Talk to your dentist about the choice of retainer you prefer.

If you have crooked teeth within your smile line and are considering getting them straightened, contact Rock Point Family Dentistry. Make an appointment to consult with us about the feasibility of the Six Month Smiles system of orthodontics. Your teeth can be straightened quickly and discreetly with clear braces.