Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed lately how even the villains in movies have sparkling white teeth? Everyone wants white teeth because they make you look younger and more alive. It is true. Whitening your teeth can actually alter your appearance and take years off your smile. Dull, dingy teeth have a tendency to make a person seem aged. Conversely, bright, white teeth are associated with youth.

We invite you to come to Rock Point Family Dentistry to have your teeth professionally whitened so you can experience the thrill of acquiring a more youthful appearance through a simple cosmetic dental procedure. You are probably unaware of how dull and dark your teeth have become over the years. A variety of factors are involved in the discoloration of teeth.

Personal habits like smoking and chewing tobacco are obvious causes. People who enjoy drinking a lot of coffee should not be surprised that their teeth are affected even though they brush and floss regularly. Tea can also discolor teeth as can red wine, grape juice and other dark-colored beverages. Foods such as blueberries and even some highly colored spices like turmeric, when consumed regularly, will darken your teeth.

Professional Whitening vs. Over-the-Counter Products

The most popular cosmetic dental treatment is teeth whitening. It can be done at the dental office, or you can get several products at the local store. With so many home kits to choose from, why should you spend extra time and money to have your teeth whitened at the dental office? Most of the OTC kits do a pretty decent job. Many of them do, but not all.

Do you want your teeth whitened safely as bright as they can be without causing damage to the tooth structure? Having your teeth whitened in the dental office assures you of a safe, effective procedure with the best results possible. Your teeth need to last your entire lifetime. Are you willing to take a chance of ruining them by whitening them yourself? Not all OTC home kits are safe for all teeth.

Your dentist knows how much whitening your teeth can take and whether or not it can be done all at once, or if it needs to be completed in stages. Be safe and keep your teeth healthy. Contact us today to have your teeth professionally whitened at Rock Point Family Dentistry.